Marquee-Lok panels feature a unique locking design that adds strength and helps to prevent the panels from unlatching due to high suction force during a wind incident. No other panel in the industry features this type of locking mechanism.

To meet ventilation requirements, Marquee panels are available vented. Control the degree of airflow by utilizing all vented panels or a mix with non-vented panels. 

  • Stocked lengths: 11.5″ and 23.5″
  • Net free area: 10% with vented surface
  • Note* Oil Canning is a natural occurrence in metal panels and is not a cause for panel rejection
  • Panel width: 12″ and 16″
  • Panel configurations: Non-Vented or Vented
  • Coating:
    • Silicone Modified Polyester (SMP)
    • Kynar 500® (PVDF)
  • Substrate:
    • 12″ Standard 24 and 29 GA Galvalume®
    • 16″ Standard 26 and 29 GA Galvalume