Mechanical Seamed Standing Seam Panels
SS200 & SS210A

The mechanically seamed SS200 and SS210A are the industry standard in standing seam roofing. This double-locked profile provides the highest air and water infiltration rating available. The classic look provides design flexibility while its mechanical seam offers a watertight system. Installation is recommended over a solid substrate with a minimum underlayment of 30lb felt. Please contact National Metal Sales for complete test results, load tables, and specifications.

  • 2″ Nominal Height (SS200)
  • 2″ with Clip Relief (SS210A)
  • Custom Widths
  • Standard 24 GA. Prefinished Steel 30 year
  • “Non-Pro-Rated” limited Coolr Kynar 500 Paint Warranty
  • Concealed Clips
  • Watertight Warranty Available with Hot Applied In-Seam Sealant.
  • Minimum Slope 2:12
  • Custom Lengths Rolled on Site
  • Installs Over Various Substrates